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Amanpulo Resort - Pamalican Island 5 Star Hotel
Amanpulo is an escape from the markings of mankind and is a dive into island life where nature has been unashamedly boastful. The island is secluded, being private, and offers a variety of sea, sand and tropical island-retreat–pleasures, in exclusive comfort and in traditionally styled accommodation. More details for Amanpulo Resort

Asturias Hotel - Puerto Princesa 4 Star Hotel
At Asturias Hotel you'll experience homegrown hospitality, the Asturias way. Located in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines, the Asturias Hotel consists of 60 luxurious guestrooms that complement the warmth and friendly services that make you feel right at home. With a perfect blend both for business functions and leisure vacations, they will make it all happen flawlessly for you. More details for Asturias Hotel

Celebrate as life unfolds in this pristine tropical island resort, undoubtedly one of Asia’s Eden. Nestled in Coron at the northernmost tip of Palawan, the Philippine’s Last Frontier, Club Paradise is dazzling with a charm soothing to the senses and spirit… days of sunshine, shimmering white sand, crystal-clear waters bejeweled with brilliant reefs and exotic marine life. More details for Club Paradise Resort

Coral Bay Beach Resort - Busuanga Island 4 Star Hotel
Coral Bay Beach and Dive Resort is placed in a beautiful coral bay, protected by mountains from the South Chinese sea. The Resort is run by a Danish family, Mom, Dad, and teenage son. They have room for 40 people, lovely cottages - European standard - With their own private terrace, all with view to the reef and surrounding islands. More details for Coral Bay Beach Resort

Retreat to Dive Link Resort of the seafront cottages or go straight to the center pavilion where a hearty meal awaits you. You may enjoy a cup of hot coffee, sit back and take in the impressive view of Coron Bay or simply watch resort guests engage in diving lessons at the specially designed swimming pool. More details for Dive Link Resort

Dolce Vita Hotel - Puerto Princesa 3 Star Hotel
Dolce Vita Hotel and Restaurant is located only 10 minutes away from Puerto Princesa airport. With only 11 rooms it creates a cozy athmosphere. The shape of the building looks like a small castle, surrounding a native pavillion restaurant. With a waterfall swimming pool amidst a beautiful tropical garden it is the perfect place to relax. More details for Dolce Vita Hotel

Escape to a 20-hectare private island in the tropical waters of Honda Bay. Dos Palmas Island Resort and Spa offers the ideal setting in which to celebrate a great island experience. Their location is isolated enough to transport guests away from the everyday cares of urban living. Fully equipped to provide plenty of opportunities for adventure, fun and relaxation. More details for Dos Palmas Resort Island Resort and Spa

Lagen Island Resort is set in a cove, fringed by a thick primary forest. The sprawling grounds cover more than four hectares. Where flora, fauna and trees provide various riches for a diverse variety of birds and mammals, providing a wealth of opportunities and experiences for wildlife observation and sightings. Nearby a pass through a forest and ends in a private cove. More details for El Nido Lagen Island Resort

Miniloc Island Resort is also set in a cove with a backdrop of sheer limestone cliffs. Reminiscent of a coastal village. With crystal clear waters teeming with tropical fishes, you need not go far to sample it's interesting facets. The waters fronting the resort are rich in marine life. At the end of the pier, guests can snorkel alongside 3-foot long groupers and hundreds of multi-colored tropical fishes. More details for El Nido Miniloc Island Resort

El Rio y Mar Resort with its unique flora and fauna has its romantic ambiance combined with the serenity and beauty of the natural environment. The resort is set amidst pure white-sand beach, distinctive panoramic view with enchanting mangroves and its breath-taking neighboring islands. Guests can also relax in the well-maintained swimming pool with crystal clear waters. More details for El Rio Y Mar Resort

Hotel Fleuris - Puerto Princesa 3 Star Hotel
Situated in the heart of Puerto Princesa, Hotel Fleuris was established to add exquisiteness to the city. Despite the high technology that has infiltrated the country, Hotel Fleuris' heart still dances to the beat of instinctive ways. And it is a place where guests can find a home away from home, with a highly trained, guest friendly staff. More details for Hotel Fleuris

Niko's Cabanas - Puerto Princesa 4 Star Hotel
A great place for rest, relaxation or a point of departure on your way to the many environmental sights that Palawan has to offer. The resort's attention to relaxing detail and modern comfort is evident in it's spacious rooms. Nikos Cabanas and Restaurant is also Palawan's new venue for meetings, parties and gatherings with an airy cantina and a poolside garden. More details for Niko's Cabanas

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